SAVe strives to ensure that autonomous vehicles are developed and manufactured with consistent, effective, and safe regulations.

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Self-Driving Car Developers Should Put Pedestrians First

SINCE MARCH, WHEN an autonomous vehicle killed a pedestrian in Arizona, forecasts for AVs have been decidedly less optimistic. But autonomous vehicle promoters are undeterred. AI entrepreneur Andrew Ng contends that self-driving cars will be safe for pedestrians when...

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Few Carmakers Submit Self-driving Car Safety Reports

The Trump administration has asked automakers to voluntarily outline how they are developing and testing self-driving cars on public roads. But only three companies have complied. Safety advocates say reports that have been submitted so far — by General Motors Co.,...

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Volvo Has Autonomous Vehicle Safety Covered Like a Blanket

Leave it to Volvo to already be working on a patent for a solution that will keep passengers safe even as they sleep in their self-driving cars. Volvo injury prevention specialist Lotta Jakobsson, who is one of the preeminent engineers in the field of passenger...

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