SAVe strives to ensure that autonomous vehicles are developed and manufactured with consistent, effective, and safe regulations.

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Rider Interaction With Automated Cars Under Study

Automakers, suppliers and researchers are looking for cues of nervousness and comfort with the idea of self-driving cars. Just how easy or difficult it would be to use a smartphone app to hail and direct an autonomous vehicle. And don’t forget consumers’ reactions to...

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As Cars Drive Themselves, Human Driving Skills May Suffer

If your car can hit the brakes in an emergency and check your blind spots, will that make you a worse driver? Increasingly, automakers are worrying it may. Driver-assist technology that keeps cars in their lanes, maintains a safe distance from other vehicles, warns of...

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Road to the Future Paved With Doubt

Boom times help fuel a transformation of the industry -- but to what? The auto industry seems to be roaring like a massive freight train into a neatly defined future — a brave and unmistakable new world of vehicle electrification, autonomous driving and shared...

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