SAVe strives to ensure that autonomous vehicles are developed and manufactured with consistent, effective, and safe regulations.

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Cities Are Trying—Again—to Plan for Autonomous Vehicles

The bloom is off the rose for self-driving tech among urban transportation officials, who are planning for a future with fewer private cars. On the one hand, autonomous vehicles offer an excellent opportunity to rethink how American cities operate, down to each lane...

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Spotting a Fire Truck Ahead is not so Easy for Robocars

To the human driver, it would have been an obvious obstacle: a police car and fire truck, emergency lights blazing, blocking the lane ahead. But to the Tesla Inc. Model S traveling down a Southern California freeway last year on Autopilot, it was a far more vexing...

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Will Self-Driving Cars Really Only Last Four Years?

A recent news item about self-driving cars has been creating quite a flurry of debate due to the suggestion by a major automotive maker that driverless cars might only last about four years. Some are shocked that autonomous cars might merely be usable for a scant four...

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