SAVe strives to ensure that autonomous vehicles are developed and manufactured with consistent, effective, and safe regulations.

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Hacked Self-Driving Cars Would Cause Chaos, Study Suggests

As the battle for the autonomous car market amps up, with Tesla, Waymo and emergent start-ups all vying to be the first to render human drivers irrelevant, the public’s worries about crashes and pedestrian fatalities have slowly abated. But new research suggests that...

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1 Year After Uber’s Fatal Crash, Robocars Carry On Quietly

IN AMERICA, 2018 was supposed to be a very big year for self-driving cars. Uber quietly prepped to launch a robo-taxi service. Waymo said riders would be able to catch a driverless ride by year’s end. General Motors’ Cruise said it would start testing in New York...

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