About the SAVe Campaign

The Safe Autonomous Vehicles Campaign (SAVe Campaign) is a project organized by a national coalition of organizations, associations, and individuals that share a commitment to ensuring that autonomous vehicles are developed and manufactured in a way that prioritizes public safety, corporate transparency, and manufacturer accountability.

We believe that autonomous vehicles will be among the most exciting, significant technological developments we’ll see in our lifetime, but we also believe that such a significant advance underscores the need for a commonsense commitment to putting pedestrian, passenger, and driver safety first.

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to improve highway safety, but we’ve seen what can happen in the absence of oversight: faulty airbags, dangerous ignition switches, hidden devices to conceal exhaust levels, and malfunctioning gas pedals.

We are encouraged by the possibilities presented by autonomous vehicles, but we believe firmly in the importance of safety, transparency, and accountability.