Autonomous vehicles may be the most significant technological development we’ll see in the first half of the 21st Century. They have the potential to greatly improve highway safety and reduce fatalities. Their arrival will permanently change the way we interact with our world.  However, the development of this game-changing technology is a process that is not without risk.

Car manufacturers and global technology companies – the same industries that have brought us exploding airbags, faulty emission systems, and privacy scandals in recent years – are being given carte blanche to use America’s roads as testing grounds.

That’s why we need the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to provide thoughtful, thorough regulatory guidance instead of ignoring its Congressional mandate and passing the buck to the states. We also believe that a strong civil justice system must remain available to compensate consumer victims if harm results from this new technology.

If you or your organization supports the SAVe Campaign’s vision for a future in which autonomous vehicles are developed and manufactured under consistent, effective, nationally mandated minimal regulations that prioritize public safety, corporate transparency, and manufacturer accountability, then join our campaign by signing up here.


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